WSI Cycling

A Way of Life

Two of Eric Cook’s passions are cycling and “all things Internet,” so taking on the title sponsorship of the local cycling team in 2012 made perfect sense. Starting in 2012, our WSI office has been the title sponsor of
WSI Cycling in partnership with Mike's Team Active Bikes.

Eric Cook on bicycle

While most of those on the team are from the Battle Creek, MI and surrounding areas, the team does have members from around the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Puerto Rico and Mexico as other WSI Consultants have come on board and joined the team.

Racing team members are responsible for competing in at least five races, volunteering at two additional events and fundraising to generate at least $200 for a charity of their choice. While many teams have race requirements, the unique part of WSI Cycling is the focus on volunteerism and raising money for charity.

Many racers use Pedaling with a Purpose, a non-profit organization that WSI consultant Eric Cook created in 2006. PWAP was founded to help keep the memory of a friend’s daughter alive after she lost her four-year long battle against Neuroblastoma, a rare form of child cancer.

In addition the team’s website, you can also follow the team on their Facebook page.

Cycling concept

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