Everything You Need To Know About WSI

Our WSI office is a digital marketing agency with a dedicated focus and commitment to the community banking industry. As part of the global WSI agency network, we leverage our strong global presence, and the knowledge it has provided, to benefit our clients and their online needs. Our Digital Marketing Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to make a difference for our clients, as well as businesses all around the world.

About Us

About WSI

WSI is an innovative digital marketing agency network with offices in over 80 countries.

Our Michigan-based office has a particular focus on the community banking sector, as well as helping entrepreneurs and business leaders cost-effectively unlock the full potential of their businesses by leveraging the Internet and its many unrecognized opportunities. Granted, there are no magic bullets when it comes to growing your business. However with over two decades of digitally-focused experience, we have discovered more than a few Internet shortcuts for delivering exponential results. WSI can help you realize your vision through intelligent, time-tested marketing strategies and methodologies.

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Our Team

We believe in a team approach to digital marketing and Internet strategy. By combining business and marketing executives, website design and development professionals, and search engine and analytics experts, we can develop an integrated strategy that makes the most effective use of your marketing dollars. find out more


The WSI culture is based on the notions of community, trust and a strong passion for helping our clients grow their businesses with digital marketing. Our network of marketers share a strong internal bond, and much like a family, we all have the same set of values and goals. find out more

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We hate to brag (okay - no we don’t), but we’ve won a lot of awards. Since 2007, the WSI network has been credited for winning 100 WMA WebAwards, in which we were recognized as a Top Agency in 2019! What can we say? We take pride in our knowledge and expertise and love providing solutions that get great results for our clients. We also like winning, it’s a nice bonus! find out more

The LinkedBanker

A banking community for people like YOU! The LinkedBanker is a mentorship-based group learning and support program. Within The LinkedBanker you will find expert guidance and a community of like-minded bankers... find out more

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Global Insights Delivered Locally

Although WSI is a global digital marketing agency with offices in over 80 countries, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-touch marketing experience for our local clients.

One of the many advantages of partnering with WSI is that our international footprint gives you access to global markets and insights that can be strategically applied in local markets, thus creating a competitive advantage.

With WSI you have an opportunity to leverage and capitalize upon emerging trends, technologies and information before your competitors – you can now see further with more clarity, helping navigate the uncertain future.

Taking Banking to the Next Level

Sometimes the best strategic move for a bank is to expand into new fertile markets by leveraging the Internet.

Our team helps clients understand new market potential, test assumptions, and capitalize upon unique market insights. Through WSI, you instantly have ‘feet on the street’ giving real-time feedback while implementing your vision.

The best part is there is no need to work with multiple agencies or people – WSI provides a one-stop, time-tested, globally capable platform. Whether you want to test one market, or ten, we have the experience, people and resources, to execute upon your vision.

Who are WSI’s clients?

As a global agency network, WSI offices have had the opportunity to work with clients in a variety of industries around the world. Here in our WSI office, we’ve taken this wealth of knowledge and applied it to our particular area of focus - serving the needs of bankers.

We find this “outside of the industry” expertise to be particularly advantageous. Not only do we know banking, but the lessons from other industries can be applied to help achieve online success!

With each new project, we are pushed to the extremes of creativity and marketing performance. We are always learning something new, breaking through old paradigms, and discovering innovative ways to help our clients realize their vision by leveraging the full capabilities of the internet.

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Here are a few testimonials from our happy customers

  • 1st-State-Bank-Logo

    "When 1st State Bank was contemplating getting involved with social media, we invited Eric from WSI to present to our board of directors to lay out a strategic vision for how we could participate as a bank..."

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    Margo Winieckie - Senior Vice President, 1st State Bank

  • Andover-logo-2018

    "When the bank needed to update our website and take the next step in our evolution, we selected WSI to be our strategic partner. Together with his talented team of digital professionals, Eric not only led us through the process..."

    Read More

    Craig Cumberworth - President, Andover Bank

  • testimonial-FBB-logo

    "I continue to work with WSI because they understand the challenges community banks face. Whether I am looking for high- level strategic insight or someone that understands the nuts and bolts of getting something accomplished from a digital perspective, I know I can trust WSI..."

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    Chad Montgomery, Marketing Director - First Bank of Berne

  • testimonial-TB-logo

    "Working with WSI doesn't even feel like work. It's a comfortable, professional partnership that has yielded great things for our bank. The expertise, competency and reliability of everyone at WSI is amazing! They are always willing to help, and they genuinely want the very best for their clients..."

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    Deanne Murdoch, IT/Marketing Director - Thumb Bank & Trust

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