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When you invest in any of WSI’s digital solutions, you have some of the top minds in the industry working on your campaigns. We understand that no two banks are alike, so we take the time to understand your institution and build campaigns that help you achieve your specific strategic objectives.


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Find the digital strategy that’s best for your bank

WSI is capable of implementing a full suite of digital solutions tailored to meet the needs of banks and the customers they serve

We’ll work with you to determine which tactics are best-suited to help your bank accomplish its goals and develop the perfect digital marketing plan for you. Our digital solutions are centered around four core areas: Site, search, social and mobile - yet some solutions may fit into more than one group or not entirely into one at all. Don’t worry, the categories are just a way to loosely organize the many digital solutions we offer.


Bank Website Design & Development

As your busiest “branch office,” your bank’s website is an important part of your digital presence. It’s often where your customers go to log in to their accounts, read about what’s new, and potential customers go there to get a first impression. Our site solutions cover frontline tactics, such as landing page optimization and content marketing (which you can use to tell your stories and entice potential customers into banking with you), as well as analytics (to measure a website’s activity and how visitors are acting on landing pages and engaging with content). find out more

Paid & Organic Search Solutions

Search marketing revolves around using search engines (such as Google) to attract customers to your website. Search engines provide the answers to the questions your customers are asking - and hopefully, result in them ending up on your website to learn more. WSI’s search solutions include pay-per-click (PPC), display advertising, retargeting, and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Each of these tactics has the ability to drive more traffic to your site, which means more opportunities to make sales (and increase profit!). find out more



Social Media Strategy Development & Deployment

One thing is certain about social media: It gets more popular by the day. As adoption rates continue to rise with each new social platform, savvy bankers are taking advantage of the ability to directly communicate with their customers in a social setting. Our social solutions include social media, email marketing, and video marketing, which are all methods bankers can use to increase their brand awareness and engage with their target audience. find out more

Build Mobile Visibility Online

With handheld devices being the norm for most consumers today, a mobile strategy includes elements from site, search, and social strategies. Since they can, and should, also occur on mobile, it’s important to understand user adoption numbers for smartphones and tablets are going through the roof. This means potential customers are now searching and engaging while they’re on the move. Our mobile solutions include mobile marketing and responsive web design, to ensure proper digital solutions for capitalizing on the mobile customer. find out more



We Know the Banking Industry

Compliance, regulations, security, competitive pressures, and staff culture are nothing new to us. We are your bank's one-stop digital partner! The community banking industry is no stranger to our team. Eric worked as a community banker for 15 years prior to joining the WSI global agency network in 2007. In addition to being a banking school graduate himself, he serves as faculty for six banking schools and is a frequent speaker at events around the country! Let us help you become a stronger competitor in this industry! find out more

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Here are a few testimonials from our happy customers

  • 1st-State-Bank-Logo

    "When 1st State Bank was contemplating getting involved with social media, we invited Eric from WSI to present to our board of directors to lay out a strategic vision for how we could participate as a bank..."

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    Margo Winieckie - Senior Vice President, 1st State Bank

  • Andover-logo-2018

    "When the bank needed to update our website and take the next step in our evolution, we selected WSI to be our strategic partner. Together with his talented team of digital professionals, Eric not only led us through the process..."

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    Craig Cumberworth - President, Andover Bank

  • testimonial-FBB-logo

    "I continue to work with WSI because they understand the challenges community banks face. Whether I am looking for high- level strategic insight or someone that understands the nuts and bolts of getting something accomplished from a digital perspective, I know I can trust WSI..."

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    Chad Montgomery, Marketing Director - First Bank of Berne

  • testimonial-TB-logo

    "Working with WSI doesn't even feel like work. It's a comfortable, professional partnership that has yielded great things for our bank. The expertise, competency and reliability of everyone at WSI is amazing! They are always willing to help, and they genuinely want the very best for their clients..."

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    Deanne Murdoch, IT/Marketing Director - Thumb Bank & Trust

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