The LinkedBanker

What is The LinkedBanker?

The LinkedBanker is a mentorship-based group learning and support program. Within The LinkedBanker you will find expert guidance and a community of like-minded bankers. Grow your book of business and build your personal brand with the tools, strategies, and coaching in this highly valuable community. Navigating the online world presents unique challenges for bankers. There are privacy, culture, and compliance considerations, just to name a few. That’s why it’s fortunate to have a trusted guide with decades of experience in both banking and online marketing! 

Who is The LinkedBanker For?

There are all kinds of bankers within The LinkedBanker - CEOs, lenders, marketers, compliance, executives, etc. But everyone within our community shares a similar mindset and drive to get better at - and support each other through - social media strategies and online tools that can help their bank and their career.

Interested in Joining?

Head to our website to learn more about TLB and the many benefits that come with being a part of the community. 

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