WSI’s Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy


At WSI, we harness the transformative power of AI to revolutionize digital marketing strategies and website development for community banks. Our AI principles are grounded in our commitment to unlocking potential, driving innovation, and fostering a world of possibility for those we serve. Reflecting our core values and business goals, these principles guide our responsible, human-centric, and innovative approach to AI, ensuring that our technologies empower community banks to reach their full potential while staying human in a digital world.

Our AI Principles

1. Responsible AI Development and Use: We pledge to develop and deploy AI technologies responsibly, with a keen awareness of their impact on community banks and the communities they serve. Our AI solutions are designed to enhance digital marketing strategies and website development, ensuring they are accessible, secure, and beneficial to all stakeholders.

2. Human-Centric AI Approach: Our AI technologies are developed with a human touch, designed to empower banking professionals and augment their abilities. By prioritizing human judgment and expertise, we ensure that our AI solutions enhance personal relationships and customer service in community banking.

3. Human Accountability in AI: At WSI Digital, we maintain that humans are ultimately accountable for AI decisions and actions. Our AI systems are designed to support and enhance decision-making, not replace it, ensuring that community banks remain guided by human ethics and responsibility.

4. Championing Human Creativity: We recognize that human creativity and emotion are irreplaceable. Our AI tools support and amplify the creative processes of digital marketing, enabling innovative solutions that reflect the unique spirit and needs of community banks.

5. Upholding Information Integrity: In the age of misinformation, we commit to using AI to uphold the highest standards of information integrity. Our technologies and strategies are designed to educate and influence positively, ensuring that community banks can trust the content and campaigns we help create.

6. Understanding and Mitigating AI Risks: WSI Digital prioritizes understanding the limitations and risks associated with AI. We work diligently to identify and mitigate these risks, ensuring that our AI solutions are safe, reliable, and aligned with the interests of community banks and their customers.

7. Transparency and Trust in AI: Transparency is at the heart of our AI usage. We are committed to clear communication about how we use AI, the data it processes, and the benefits it offers, fostering trust with our clients and their customers.

8. Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity through AI: Our AI solutions are developed with inclusivity and diversity in mind, ensuring that they cater to a wide range of needs, perspectives, and backgrounds. This approach helps us create more effective and robust digital marketing strategies for community banks.

9. Balancing Automation with Humanity: While we embrace the efficiency and scalability of AI, we never lose sight of the human element. Our technologies are designed to enhance, not replace, the human connections that are the foundation of community banking.

10. Fostering Openness and Collaboration in AI: We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences in AI. By engaging in open collaboration, we contribute to advancing the industry and society, driving forward with innovations that benefit community banks and beyond.

These principles guide us in leveraging AI to not only achieve our business goals but also to contribute positively to the banking industry and society. Through responsible AI practices, we continue to unlock the untapped potential of community banks, ensuring they remain competitive, innovative, and human in the digital age.

How We Use AI Today

Artificial intelligence technologies are changing at a rapid pace. WSI is constantly working to understand how we can implement these solutions to our workflows in order to enhance performance and add more value to those we serve. 

Our main use cases as of today includes (but may not be limited to) ideation, development of content frameworks, creating initial content drafts, and content editing. We are also experimenting with several AI tools and platforms that can help to convert long form content into social media posts, assist with online research, and we are using tools to help us efficiently and effectively create, edit, and distribute the information we, and our clients, share online.

About This Document

This AI Policy document is intended to be fluid, as is the case with AI. We we provide it to remain true to our mission of providing transparent marketing and communications with clear results and expect to update this document frequently as AI becomes more integrated into our workflows and daily operations. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about our AI Policy and/or anything in this document or if you would like to connect about AI in your organization, please contact us and let's chat. 

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