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A "recovering" community banker of 15 years and now an award-winning agency owner since 2007, Eric Cook has a long and successful history of speaking at banking conferences, webinars, and educational programs around the country. Always entertaining and informative, his passion for the industry and helping "digitize" his audience comes through loud and clear - which is why he's consistently one of an event's highest-rated speakers. 

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Eric Cook - Bank Conference Speaker and Educator

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Feedback From Attendees and Audience Members

"Having Eric present our annual convention was a great reminder of the importance of how we need to continually be thinking of new and innovative ways to connect with our customers, especially in today's digital world. His ability to blend the traditional elements of banking with forward-thinking digital strategies provided a unique perspective for my board to think about."
Tim Jewell, President & CEO
Eaton Community Bank

"Eric clearly explained the digital aspects of banking as we enter the post-pandemic world. I left the presentation reinvigorated and focused on our digital message."
Charley McQueen, President & CEO
McQueen Financial Advisors

"From changing consumer behavior trends to the latest social media strategies, to neobanks and fintechs, Eric did a terrific job sharing today’s digital banking landscape. I walked away with a new set of questions for our team to consider."
Norm Plumstead, President & CEO
Honor Bank

"Eric always has a relevant message for his banking audience(s). And his speaking ability will keep the topic entertaining and engaging. But back to relevancy; Eric’s message to me was getting the bankers to think. And think & DO! Digital banking is here, and it is growing fast. Eric shared with us that there is no shortage of essential players to be aware of, and more importantly, understand what they are doing to disrupt the traditional banking model. And I appreciate that he shared what makes them different. In summary, rarely is technology the issue holding you back, as Eric stated. How true – there are other factors – look in the mirror! I also liked the latest network to launch stories and who and what else is being used to tell the story, or sell products. More bankers need to hear your message! Thank you, Eric!!"
Mark Anderson, Senior Vice President, Retail Strategies
HUB Financial Services

"Eric blends his passion for banking and digital strategy as a speaker that not only was relevant to me and my bank, but he did so in a fun and engaging way. It was evident by others in the audience that I was not the only one that felt this way and his message kept me thinking well after his session was over. There's nobody else I can think of who is better at combining so many important elements into a presentation that resonates at both the C-suite and board level, yet also provided tactical "next steps" action items at the same time."
Eric Eishen, President & CEO
Sturgis Bank

"Eric always knows his audience and shares the latest trends; good, bad, or ugly, without apology.  He is a storyteller and makes his presentations not only fun but interesting and educational for his audience. Upbeat, sincere, knowledgeable, and definitely worth your time."
Nancy Lindsay, Vice President of Marketing
Citizens Bank of Cheboygan

"Eric’s presentations are always can’t miss for me. His thoughts on Connection in Disconnection challenged me to think about how things have changed for not only my bank, but me personally. There are always great takeaways that we can implement immediately."
Mark Burke, President
Choice One Bank

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