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Before Purchasing a Franchise, Read These Tips on How Not to Not to Get Scammed

By Eric Cook

The Internet is an incredible space for sharing information, building brands and engaging with consumers – unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell good information from bad, and quality franchises from scams. At WSI, an award-winning digital marketing franchise, we care about empowering you, so our team is sharing their best tips and advice to help ensure that you don’t get scammed when you buy a franchise.

Eric and Francois Spending Time Together in Madrid
Top Gun WSI consultants Eric Cook and Francois Muscat catching a few moments together while at LinkedIn training sessions in Madrid, Spain (Francois was the instructor).

WSI’s tips and tricks on how to not get scammed 

  • Their promises are too good to be true: It’s an old but relevant adage that “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is”, so be wary of any franchise opportunity offering to make you a millionaire for simply signing up. Making a franchise a success takes hard work and your partner should offer you plenty of information to set realistic expectations. Don’t trust franchises who aren’t willing to share this data – instead look for those that offer a proven system for franchise success.
  • They don’t offer support: A great quality franchise system is about supporting franchisees in a way that just isn’t available to other small business owners. With WSI, for example, we offer access to our powerful network of existing franchises to collaborate with, a knowledgeable support system, industry partners (including Google, HubSpot, and Adobe) and quality suppliers – and that’s just a start.
  • They don’t vet potential franchise owners: A successful franchise system is built by bringing in quality partners as franchisees – if you let disreputable people join, you risk the quality of your brand and franchise system and can compromise the reputation of quality franchisees. So, don’t trust a franchise that will let everyone sign up and buy in without a background check, extensive evaluation and training. This is also for your own financial security to ensure that the franchise is the right fit for you – after all, it is an investment and you want to ensure that you’re buying into a quality business. At WSI, we have a 7-step discovery process for making you a part of the family, from assessing the opportunities we have available, to speaking to franchisees, going through a formal application process and even a training program to help you hit the ground running.

Francois and Eric Discuss the WSI Lifestyle

Don’t fall for franchise scams – Speak to WSI, one of the top-ranked franchise opportunities in the world

Investing in a franchise is a serious decision and it’s critical to choose a partner who has the experience, reputation, and industry credibility to help you succeed. To find out more about WSI franchises, the high-quality, proven franchising system we offer and what the world of digital marketing has to offer you, please contact us today.

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