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Why Bankers Should Pay Attention to These 3 Updates to LinkedIn Events

Why Bankers Should Pay Attention to These 3 Updates to LinkedIn Events

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If you haven’t heard, there are three new changes coming to LinkedIn Events. LinkedIn recently sent out emails to users regarding those changes, along with an update post clarifying when these changes could be expected. 

Streamline Your Event Creation on LinkedIn

To use live video on LinkedIn, you have to use one of several approved streaming platforms, such as Restream, Streamyard, Socialive, or Switcher Studio. When you schedule a live post from one of these streaming platforms, it’ll automatically show up on your feed as a new LinkedIn Event post. “This means you get all of the discovery that comes with LinkedIn Events, and all the viral reach and engagement that comes from LinkedIn Live,” their email said. This update will be rolled out beginning in August 2021. 

Why is this important? Live video can be a powerful form of communication for today's banking professionals. In 2019 alone, Internet users watched 1.1 billion hours of live video and more than 35% of marketers use live video as part of their social media strategy. Viewers are willing to watch an average of 26.4 minutes per session, so it’s a great way to go into detail while keeping their attention. 

Don’t have access to LinkedIn Live yet? Hop over to LinkedIn and request access today and you’ll be one step closer to taking advantage of this amazing feature on your own profile.

Plan Your Events Way in Advance

In the olden days, you could only schedule an Event a week or less in advance. That scheduling limit is now gone, which means you can now schedule Live Events a month or even a year in advance. This is an amazing opportunity for bankers to get as many registrants as possible on board for live events. This update is also going to roll out in August. 

When people register for an Event, it also enables you to communicate with them directly, even if they’re not first-tier connections. This is one of the unknown benefits of Event registration: It provides you with conversational access to other Event members and helps with relationship building and networking. 

Hassle-Free Event Planning for You

LinkedIn has begun allowing any Super or Content Page admin to go live on behalf of your LinkedIn page. There are two benefits to this. First, individual admins no longer have to apply for access to go live. Second, there’s not a limit on the number of admins that can go live on your behalf anymore. That means more traffic, conversations, lead generation, and networking for you. This feature is already available to 100% of the pages with live video access. 

Reach a Broader Audience with Your Event

Additionally, LinkedIn is making changes to allow your live event to reach your audience even if they’re not an event attendee. “We learned that when organizers host an online event using LinkedIn Live, they want the live content to reach audiences beyond just the attendees of the event, which has not been possible until now. In the coming months, we’re making several changes to make this possible, so your live event can reach your audience whether they’re an event attendee or not,” the LinkedIn email said. 

Wrapping Things Up

LinkedIn Events are rolling out fantastic new changes to their live video events that can dynamically improve your networking and customer interactions. Starting in August, you’ll be able to streamline your event creation process and plan your events much farther in advance than you previously could. Soon you’ll be able to share live and recorded videos with a broader audience than the original event attendees, too! 

These are fantastic ways to get your bank (and yourself) out in the digital world via LinkedIn. If you’re just getting your feet wet with LinkedIn, you’ll want to check out our article on how to create an All-Star profile. As always, contact us if you have any questions or need help knowing how to create a LinkedIn Event that will wow your audience!


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