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Boosting Bank Customer Engagement with Innovative YouTube Shorts Strategies


Boosting Bank Customer Engagement with Innovative YouTube Shorts Strategies

Eric Cook by Eric Cook

Chief Digital Strategist

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Eric considers himself a “recovering banker” of 15 years, who for the past eleven years has focused his efforts as a digital strategist, helping his clients (mostly community banks) better understand and leverage the power of the Internet as a strategic business tool. An award-winning web designer with WSI, the world’s largest digital agency network, Eric is a two-time contributing author to the best-selling book Digital Minds – 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing. Consistently rated in the top five digital marketing books on Amazon, the book is in its second edition and available in three languages.

A sought-after, nationally-recognized speaker in the financial services industry, Eric is a member of the National Speakers Association and loves sharing his knowledge to help educate and inspire others. He is the co-creator of a weekly webinar show called Free Webinar Wednesdays, founder of the Banker Education Series webinar series, and serves as a faculty member at several banking schools around the country where he teaches bankers about digital strategy, online marketing and social media. He is a WSI Certified LinkedIn Professional and holds undergraduate degrees in business administration and psychology. While working full-time as a community banker, Eric earned his MBA and completed the three-year Graduate School of Banking program in Madison, WI in 2003.

Professionally, Eric helps his clients in all areas of digital marketing, which includes mobile-responsive web development, search engine marketing and optimization, social media strategies, e-mail communication, and “big-picture” digital strategic planning. He’s the co-founder of, a service created to help businesses understand their risk when it comes to operating in today’s digital world. When he’s not helping his clients succeed online, he can typically be found on one of his many bicycles training for his next mountain bike/triathlon race or spending time with his wife and two (very spoiled) golden retrievers.



In the rapidly evolving digital era, community banks are continually looking for innovative methods to strengthen relationships with their customers and differentiate their brands amongst a sea of competitors.

Engaging with customers through social media has become a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, and YouTube Shorts emerges as a powerful tool for connection with its quick, compelling, and snackable content format. 

Offering a unique blend of entertainment and information (sometimes referred to as infotainment), these brief video snippets have the capability to not only grab the attention of your audience but also leave a lasting impact, reinforcing brand values and promoting a sense of community.

Why YouTube Shorts Deserves Your Attention

While on the surface they seem similar to Instagram Reels or TikTok, one of the biggest differentiators of Shorts is that they are part of the YouTube platform. You’ll be contributing content to the world’s second-largest search engine (YouTube) and leveraging the power of Google (the owner of YouTube). Add this to the fact that short, “snackable” video content continues to be among some of the most attention-grabbing content on the web, combined these are powerful reasons to devote time to the platform. 

The advent of short-form video has ushered in a new age of content consumption, with YouTube Shorts rapidly gaining traction as a heavyweight contender. These up-to-60-second videos cater perfectly to the modern customer’s preference for quick and engaging content. Financial institutions can leverage this to depict a more relatable and accessible image, transcending the traditional and sometimes intimidating persona that banks often carry.

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Constructing a strategic approach to using YouTube Shorts can embody various objectives pivotal for banking institutions:

  • Making complex banking concepts digestible and enjoyable through concise explanations.
  • Sharing customer testimonials and success stories to build trust and credibility.
  • Highlighting community involvement and CRA initiatives to showcase the bank's commitment to societal upliftment.
  • Announcing new offers, products, or services in an impactful and memorable fashion.
  • Providing quick tips and financial literacy content to educate and empower banking clients.

Strategies for Success with YouTube Shorts

To capture the essence of what makes YouTube Shorts a compelling tool for customer engagement, we must delve into strategic methodologies that align with overarching business goals. The objective is to inspire a connection that goes beyond the transactional and fosters a genuine community around your banking brand.

Storytelling with Purpose

Employ the art of storytelling to turn ordinary banking narratives into extraordinary customer journeys. Customers connecting emotionally with your content are more likely to remember your message and associate positive feelings with your brand, which can be a catalyst for business growth.

Data-Driven Creativity

Creativity infused with insights can lead to highly personalized content that resonates with specific segments of your audience. Utilizing YouTube's Culture and Trends Report, banks can identify patterns and trends that inform content creation, tapping into the pulse of what the audience desires.

Elevating Banking Through Innovation

Embracing YouTube Shorts provides community banks with the opportunity to showcase their brand's ingenuity and customer-centricity. With WSI's extensive experience and a network of digital experts, community banks can navigate these digital avenues effectively. 

A strategic partnership with an agency focused on your growth objectives is indicative of a forward-thinking institution ready to redefine its customer engagement. The digital landscape is ripe with opportunities, and with the right guidance, your bank can lead the charge in harnessing the power of YouTube Shorts for an elevated customer experience. Get in touch today and let’s chat about where your Shorts journey can take you! 


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