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5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Digital Marketing Team

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Digital Marketing Team

Elle Humphries by Elle Humphries

Director of Marketing

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Elle has been involved with the WSI Team and has been helping them simplify the internet since 2016 when she came on board as a marketing intern. Elle became a full-time digital strategist in May of 2017, in which she focuses her talents on Project Management and Digital Marketing for the WSI team.

Elle is now the Director of Marketing for WSI as she brings many attributes to the table, such as social media marketing, email marketing, display/search marketing, search engine optimization, content creation, customer relationship management, project management, and more!



We believe that loving the people you work with should be easy. Certainly, that’s the feeling we have about one another here at WSI, but we find that our customers feel the same way. That’s why our digital marketing team always seeks to bring its best to each and every client. In this article, we’ve collected some great reasons we think you’ll love working with WSI Digital.

#1: We are Experts with Confidence in our Banking and Marketing Knowledge.

When it comes to choosing the right team to handle your bank’s digital marketing, there’s nothing as attractive as confidence. We’re proud to share a wide range of expertise with our clients, extending between the worlds of banking and advertising. We understand both the financial and the promotional aspects of bringing your bank into focus for your community, and we’re ready to help tackle any project you have in mind.

Even better, we’ve created a mentorship-based mastermind community for bankers to help them build their personal brand online, and get their clients to fall in love with them. The LinkedBanker unlocks access to tools and digital coaching to take your online relationships and brand-building to the next level.

#2: We are Transparent and We Don’t Like Secrets.

Hiding information is a sure way to tear apart a relationship piece by piece. For this reason, our marketing experts build upon a culture of open collaboration and complete disclosure.

It’s our firm belief that communication is the key to a productive relationship. We want our clients to always feel comfortable having candid conversations with us about their long-term goals and current challenges. That way, we know how best to respond to your needs and keep you moving forward.

On top of this, we think the best results happen when everyone is excited about a project. We approach each client as a thrilling new opportunity to expand the horizon of digital financial marketing. There’s always something new to explore in our line of work!

#3 We are Adaptable and Do What’s Necessary to Meet Our Clients’ Needs.

No two people are the same, and neither are our clients. We know that every bank will come with unique visions of the future, as well as its own set of barriers between them and achieving their dreams. We love a good challenge at WSI and are ready to hear what you’ve got planned!

We have extensive experience in dealing with some of life’s toughest hardships. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our operations as a fully remote business came in handy. We continued advising our client base on how best to communicate with staff and customers alike through that challenging period. Our flexibility allowed us to continue offering personalized solutions to each user through the pandemic crisis and beyond.

#4 We are Innovative and Empower our Clients to Become Leaders in the Banking Industry.

At WSI, we consider ourselves successful when our clients are successful. We designed our suite of digital marketing services to help each community bank become the best it can be.

We believe it all starts with your bank’s website. Your landing pages should present the right first impression that will get a new customer to come through your “virtual” doors. We handle everything a strong banking website needs, including user experience enhancement, content marketing, and of course - rock-solid secure hosting. We’ll even help you track your site’s analytics so that you can get your brand in front of more eyes.

There’s a lot more to an effective digital advertising strategy, however. The most compelling tactics let users experience a bank on a big screen and a small screen. When you’re ready to branch out into social media strategy and custom application building, we’ve also got you covered. Think of us as your bank’s “Swiss Army knife” for online success.

#5 We are Collaborative. We’re Here to Work With You.

As cliche as it may sound, we believe that teamwork really does make the dream work. At WSI, we don’t pretend to have cookie-cutter answers that will fit every bank, customer segment, or budget. We’re committed to having an open conversation with you about what solutions and services will best meet your needs without any unnecessary frills or upsells. Our customers like that we work “together” on activities and are truly collaborative partners in their success.

We also love to meet new people! Check out the professionals that turn marketing dreams into reality for our users. At WSI, our clients are always our top priority. Whether you’re starting your bank’s digital footprint from scratch or want a whole new game plan for your online marketing, our crew can help you reach your goals. 

While it may not always be “love at first sight,” we would love the opportunity to get to know you and your needs a little better - and let you get to know us. Start a conversation with us today and let’s see where we can go together!


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