ADA and Web Content Accessibility

The ability for your website to serve the needs of all visitors, including those with disabilities, is not only likely going to be a legal requirement someday, but it’s a good thing to do. By making sure your site is ADA and WCAG 2.0 compliant, it opens up your information to an entirely new audience of customers. In the United States alone, that’s 53 million people (according to the CDC).

Helpful Downloads

Below is a collection of documents and articles that we have provided to help you “get your head” around this issue of web content accessibility. Be sure to check out the W3C’s WCAG 2.0 at a glance for some technical details on what it takes to make your website compliant. As we find more information, we’ll be sure to add it to the list below.

Oh, and be sure to check out Chris Hofstader’s blog. He’s a disability rights advocate (who also happens to be blind) and wrote a pretty awesome post entitled Stopping The ADA Trolls: Carlson/Lynch Should Sue Itself.

ADA and web content accessibility

AudioEye Solutions Demo

One of the options that WSI found to be sound solution for website disability compliance is provided by the folks at AudioEye. Below is a quick overview of their service, as it’s implemented on the FCC’s Consumer Complaints site. Should you like to speak with us further about how this type of technology can work for your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Even if your website is not built or managed by WSI, we’re happy to lend a hand.

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