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Before Purchasing a Franchise, Read These Tips on How Not to Not to Get Scammed

By Eric Cook

The Internet is an incredible space for sharing information, building brands and engaging with consumers – unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell good information from bad, and quality franchises from scams. At WSI, an award-winning digital marketing franchise, we care about empowering you, so our team is sharing their best tips and advice to help ensure that you don’t get scammed when you buy a franchise. Read More

What Happened to Saved Searches in (the Free Version of) LinkedIn?

By Eric Cook

LinkedIn Giveth. LinkedIn Taketh Away. LinkedIn Giveth (again). LinkedIn Taketh Away (again). Read More

Here Comes Video... Are You Ready?

By Eric Cook

Google Daydream View VRThis week on my weekly webinar show, I spent some time talking about the power of video as a way to convey your brand and personality online. It also gave me a chance to brag-up my Google Pixel phone and the new Daydream View VR headset that Santa had under the tree for me (actually it was my wife, but Santa sounds more Christmas-ey). Read More

Protect Your LinkedIn Account with Two-Step Verification

By Eric Cook

LinkedIn Two-Step VerificationThere's no doubting that our digital identity is pretty important, especially these days. The last thing any of us want is for someone to compromise one of our social media accounts and start posting, tweeting, connecting as us... without our permission (or knowledge). I've had two-step verification turned on for both Facebook and Twitter for quite some time and recently discovered this feature is now available in LinkedIn as well. I've enabled it, and suggest you do the same. Read More

How Two Social CEO’s Make it happen At Their Banks

By Eric Cook

Jill Castilla and Tim MarshallOn today's Banker Education Series webinar, we discussed different strategies of how two social CEO’s are making it happen at their banks from the top down, and how they are not afraid of social media, whether its compliance, regulation, reputation management, or privacy. Our goal is to learn how: “You and your bank make social part of your organizational structure, and strategic plan, and how one must find the time to make it happen?” By doing so, we introduce two very successful bank CEO’s: Tim Marshall with The Bank Of Ann Arbor and Jill Castilla with Citizens Bank Of Edmund. They shared their different strategies, and how companies should overcome the fear of social media being “hard, scary, and dangerous.” Read More

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