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I'm No Chicken Farmer, But if I Was... (A Story About Marketing Automation)

By Eric Cook

Baby chicken and marketing automationRecently, I've been talking a lot about the concept of marketing automation and how it can be a great way to more effectively manage visitors to your website. With advanced tracking code installed on your site, it's amazing what additional information you get about those who visit you online... and what you can do with that data to help move people along the conversion process, hopefully becoming a customer someday. Read More

Rapid Responses & Lessons Learned

By Eric Cook

In my previous blog post about being “real time” and thinking on your feet, I shared some observations from a recent webinar on Pokémon Go. Thinking further about the webinar (because there were so many great points to share), I wanted to revisit some of my thoughts and reinforce some points.  Read More

How to Think On Your Feet and React In Real-Time as a Community Banker

By Eric Cook

Ann Chen and Ben PankoninRecently I had the pleasure of being joined by two “social media rock stars” from the banking industry on my monthly Banker Education Series webinar show to talk about the growing trend of Pokémon Go and how to position a bank to react quickly when opportunities like this come along. Ann Chen, Senior Marketing Director for Citizens Bank of Edmund and Ben Pankonin, Co-Founder of Social Assurance are both of the millennial generation and dialed in to social, tech and the what’s on consumers’ minds. Read More

Customer Engagemnt in the Digital Age - Yeah, It's a Challenge...

By Eric Cook

I have the privilege of speaking with community bankers from all around the country while "out and about" speaking at events and conferences. It's no surprise that my typical topics of conversation revolve around social networking, online strategy and the "next gen" of today's customer. As with society in general, the community bank customer is spending more time interacting with their banks via technology than in person, thanks to the conveniences of online banking, mobile apps, bill payment, cash management, etc. While this certainly creates convenience for the customer (and cost savings for the banks), a digital strategy is not without it's downsides - namely customer engagement. Read More

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